3-tier pendant, set in Sterling silver, Lake of Lace Quartz, Citrine, Amazonite. All Virginia gems.

Specializing in Virginia Gemstones.

I personally mine, cut, & polish Virginia gems, and create settings of silver or gold. I also work with international gems.

Perfection, experience, quality & unique original creations.

Finding the storefront

Finding the storefront

Finding the storefront

PURCHASE PAGE HAS BEEN ADDED! I need to load it up, but transactions are able to be done on line. 


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  I am willing to meet at the store, or we can make your purchase via text and USPS.

  Your purchase is greatly appreciated by this small business.



Elk Run Mining Co. Is located along the sidewalk at the lower edge of the Water Street parking deck. The store faces the 1 hour parking spaces. It does NOT face West Water Street. Rule of thumb: if you walk further than 10 feet from the parking deck, you missed me. Follow the sidewalk signs. (See pic below). When you get lost, call me.

 540 421 7663.

49-E West Water St.

Harrisonburg, Va.



Making a purchase

Finding the storefront

Finding the storefront

Please see the my creations tab, and gallery. I have inventory in various shapes and sizes, and will do my best to provide you with your hearts desire. 

  Please call/text 540 421 7663

Email roknrednek@yahoo.com


Breif History

Finding the storefront

Breif History

I was born a perfectionist, whether nature or nurture. Rock collecting began as a preschooler. By grade school, 5th I think, I cut my first cabochon and silver setting, (longer story involved). I had a paper route, (youngest delivery person EVER for the Cape Cod times) in 3rd & 4th grades. So I had my own money to buy better machinery and spent my childhood in the basement cutting cabochons. My creations sold in consignment stores and resorts. In high school, (Florida) I was recutting damaged gemstones for a St. Petersburg Jeweler and did my first opals & rubies. I even got to accompany the owner on a purchasing trip. I owe any success to my many short trem mentors. I finished high school in Virginia, having attended 3 high schools in 3 states. I had determined since grade school that I wanted my college degree in geology, and did that at Madison College, (now JMU). After college comes reality. In 1975 you couldnt buy a job, 

but I did. Very soon after I went into contracting, later to become Mercer Roofing, inc. 22 years later I switched careers. Elk Run Mining Co. was created. Juried art/craft shows, art galleries, and music venues sold my wares until 2013 and I took the step to open a store front. At this writing I am in the 7th year at the Water St. location.

  Backtracking for detail, I was taken under wing as his first "apprentice ", Charles Bourgerello and his wife took me, in grade school, for one Saturday each. Charles taught me lapidary as I cut my first cabochon. His wife Galena, taught me my first silver smithing, setting my cabochon. 2 Saturdays made my education. Add reading, primarily John Sinkankas, I created my own style of producing lapidary products. 50+ years later,  I'm constantly learning/experimenting with the means to produce perfect works of the highest quality. I collect my own cutting materials,  personally create everything in the store, EXCEPT my wife's knitting of the Alpaca product. 

  Yes, we raise Alpacas and Llamas, have the fiber spun and sell skiens of fiber and her knitting. We also raise India Blue peafowl & Pure White peafowl, Guinea Fowl, and an assortment of other farm critters. Do take note that my Shi Tzu Leah accompanies me daily to the store.

  Back to jewelry, I did take the jewelry course in college, very basic overview in types of metal work. Ive had many mentors and teachers,  but must claim to be "self taught". Learning is unending. Quality is always seeking a new high, and creativity just flows. There is a force inside me, and I think in everyone, that needs to be expressed, or released, in the creative process, the fufillment or satisfaction, in building something.


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Stuart's Elk Run Mining Co.

49-E West Water Street, Harrisonburg, Va, 22801

(540) 421-7663 cell/text roknrednek@yahoo.com


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10:00 am – 07:00 pm