Elk Run Mining Co.
Virginia Jewelry

100 % Virginia Gems

List of Gem Species 

Azure Moon
Fairy Stone
Harlequin Quartz
Indigo Spiderweb
Lettuce Agate
Lake of Lace
Messiah's Marble
Midnight Quartzite
Purple Passion    Rhodonite
Fossil  Shark's Tooth
Slag Glass
Virginia Agates
Wagon Trail  Jasper

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540 421 7663 - C

                    Rings, Custom Made to Order               
200.00+. Amazonite Cabochon ring, Amelia County, Va. size 7. Sterling Silver. # C-338. I normally only keep one or two rings in inventory, for display and sales, due to the variety of gem choices, multiplied by the differing ring sizes, (Keeping things simple). It is my pleasure to create for you a ring of your gem choice, made to exactly fit your finger.  The three photos on this page are of the same ring, presently in inventory. See the following pages, for custom rings on happy fingers. 
 Amazonite Ring # C-338 Birds eye view.
 Amazonite Ring, # C-338. Rear view, Sterling Silver shank, back, & bezel.
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