Elk Run Mining Co.
Virginia Jewelry

100 % Virginia Gems

List of Gem Species 

Azure Moon
Fairy Stone
Harlequin Quartz
Indigo Spiderweb
Lettuce Agate
Lake of Lace
Messiah's Marble
Midnight Quartzite
Purple Passion    Rhodonite
Fossil  Shark's Tooth
Slag Glass
Virginia Agates
Wagon Trail  Jasper

Contact Stuart at:
540 421 7663 - C

                              Jewelry Products               
CABOCHONS. Hand cut gemstone, and set in an individually created stepped bezel. This allows the "Back side" to be exposed to your viewing. The back side is just as polished as the front. Above photo shows the back side of an Amazonite cabochon, (Left), and the front side of an Indigo Spiderweb on the right, Most cabs are hung on a ribbon necklace, and a few are attached to Sterling Silver chains.
$25.00 TUMBLED PENDANTS. These pieces are hand cut to shape, and tumbled to their polish. Each is hung on a ribbon necklace created to coordinate with it's pendant. These are available at twenty five dollars in every gem species in my list except Slag Glass.
STERLING SILVER CHAIN & PENDANT. The highest quality pieces are selected and hung on chains of 16, 18, or 20 inch length, (Your choice). These are available in every gem species in my list except slag glass. Pick your desired flavor gemstone, and I will email you photos of present inventory.
$30.00 Earrings, Some are priced as marked, ($35.00-60.00). I have every flavor earring in my list of gems, except slag glass. Getting focused, sharp pics just is not happening with the earrings. They are so much better that the pics show. I will email close-up photos.
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