Elk Run Mining Co.
Virginia Jewelry

100 % Virginia Gems

List of Gem Species 

Azure Moon
Fairy Stone
Harlequin Quartz
Indigo Spiderweb
Lettuce Agate
Lake of Lace
Messiah's Marble
Midnight Quartzite
Purple Passion    Rhodonite
Fossil  Shark's Tooth
Slag Glass
Virginia Agates
Wagon Trail  Jasper

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       Fairy Stone, Staurolite, Patrick County, Va.   
Left $50.00,16 mm long, Right $60.00, 13 mm long. AKA "Fairy Cross" Hung on a Sterling Silver chain. Patrick County, Va. These are the real thing, not to be confused with the general store, often seen, imitations. 
Left $60.00, 15 mm high, Right $65.00, 21 mm high. The right stone has 3 intersecting crystals, and a fourth hidden on the back. These are hung on Sterling Silver chains. Patrick County, Va.
Left $35.00, 17 mm high, a large, wide twinned crystal, hung on a leather strap. Right $50.00, 16 mm high, hung on a ribbon necklace. Patrick County, Va.
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